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About Sandra Neustadter

"I enjoy helping people build art collections, regardless of whether they are young or mature. It is my passion to help others grow as collectors."

As the founder of Sandra Neustadter Gallery; Sandra decided long ago to diversify her gallery's artists and mediums so that her clients could find a work of art that held significance to them, both dealing with private and corporate clients.

Having over 30 years of being an art consultant and dealer, her sales experience has earned her a reputation for quality, reliability, variety and value.

Upon entering her gallery, you will be dealing directly with Sandra who will assess your preferences. After getting to know your likes , she will design a plan of what might quench your palate and will present the actual pieces to you.

Sandra's background includes being a sculptress, whose works have been sold internationally. She has studied at many institutions such as New York University, working with art historian Louis James, and at the Museum of Modern Art, studying with Abe Chanin. She has taken classes with notable artists such as Bruno Lucchesi and with Chaim Gross at The New School in New York City.

Sandra and Edward Neustadter have lectured on the history of Pre-Columbian ceramics, specializing in Peruvian artifacts.

Additionally, Sandra and Edward are world travelers, in quest of discovering, helping, and representing both known and emerging artists onto the world stage.

Visit Sandra today to get personalized service and exceptional advice.

              Sandra Neustadter

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