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What Sandra Neustadter Has To Say!!!!!!!

I          Year 2019 was an amazing year!
I know that 2020 will be even better!

As always, year after year, the Palm Beach Art Show is a dream come true as well as the Boca Art Show! They are coming up soon.

My passion is helping existing clients and meeting new clients fulfill their dreams and desires of having Art come into their lives, which they can enjoy and share everyday.

Introducing New and Established Artist to the world is a passion of mine as well. Please see Lucia Gomez new art work just posted here on my site in the Established Artist Gallery section. Additionally, Maria Laura Ribeiro and Amauri Torezan, who are from Brazil and living here in Florida. They are both artists with amazing talent and skills and you can view their works of beautiful art, in the Gallery section of this web site.

And of course what can one say about Master Artist?! They are a must have! You will smile every time you look at their wonderful amazing works of art hanging on your wall and sharing their talent with friends and family.

Fill up those empty wall spaces and let me, help you, live your dreams! 

Looking forward to seeing you!


                 Sandra Neustadter

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